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Review for 0.001gx20g SMALLEST pocket scales

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Report for none delivery of order
My order was seized by customs and after asking for a refund I was ignored by this company not a good experience at all over 200 USD lost

Response for best customer service!!!
I really recommend gulftrading over any company i have ever dealt with. These are really stand up guys. A++++

Review for very good seller, delivers very fast to me in the uk
Gulf trading are very good sellers. they post very fast. they send to me in uk VERY FAST i will be using gulf trading from now on. very good business and very good service. WELL RECOMMENDED BY ME IN THE UK..

Remark for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Dear Sirs, once again I have been scammed by a member of Tradekey. This time, by a Gold Member with 4000 trust points. How can this be? What are the requirements for becoming a Gold Member, since they don´t seem enough to keep scammers away. Best Regards Jens Neumann

Reaction for poor
poor service,slow responding. how is he a gold member?
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