Frequently Asked Questions

What does B2B Inspection Do?

B2B Inspection is a consumer reviews portal which is focused towered making the Internet a better place for business. The portal a kind of consumer protection service where consumer can rate a business as per the experience and comment on those business in the form of reviews.

What are the benefits I can get from B2B Inspection?

Digital world is a complex Metrix where businesses and consumer both endeavor to find the good and genuine individuals and avoid scammers and fraudsters. Finding a legitimate business is tough but with B2B Inspection you have plenty of features that can ease up your research.

  • Search: simply search the business you intended to business with
  • Reviews and rating: evaluate its review and rating to see what others have to say about them.
  • Contact business: you can contact the business directly get your questions answered
  • Contact consumer: you can contact the existing customer learn more about their review and experience.
  • Write Review: you can review and rate a business on B2B inspection to whom you have done business with to help other learn from your experience.

What can b2binspection do for me?

  • Avoid fraud and bad experiences by researching online businesses and websites before using them: you can start by entering a website or keyword in the search box at the top of this page.
  • Get weekly scam alerts and other useful consumer tips and information: [email protected]
  • Contribute to making the internet a better place: over 1 million consumers turn to the b2binspection community for advice every month. You can give back and help people by sharing your own experiences: review an online business

How can I find my friends’ reviews?

The easiest way to discover your friends’ reviews or to share reviews with your friends is to log in via Facebook Connect.

What are Contributor Levels?

The contributor levels are a measurement tool to display the activeness of a user in assisting others. Each of the website user will be given specifics points for assisting others and those points then gets combined to decide the contributor level of that user. Following are list of contributor levels with their respective accumulated points.

  • Level 6 - 8000 points
  • Level 5 - 4000 points
  • Level 4 - 2000 points
  • Level 3 - 1000 points
  • Level 2 - 400 points
  • Level 1 - 200 points

How are Contribution Points earned?

Contributions points are the measurement tool for contributor engagement. These points help an contributor to achieve higher contributor level and authority within the community. The points can be earned through the following schedule.

  • First to Review - 100 points
  • Review - 80 points
  • Answer - 20 points
  • Review Comment - 10 points
  • Forum Post - 10 points
  • Thank You - 2 points
  • Helpful Vote - 1 point

How are business ratings calculated?

The total rating of any business is a weighted average of individual ratings, with 50% of the weighting coming from the average rating of all reviews, 25% of the weighting coming from an average of all reviews written in the last 12 months, and 25% of the weighting coming from an average of all reviews written in the last month. Should the 12-month or 1-month weighting periods be without reviews, that period is assigned an "average" rating (e.g. 3 stars) in the weighting.

Do reviews ever get removed?

Yes, a user can update or delete his/her review as per their discretion and somethings our support team may remove a review if it contradicting our terms and conditions.

How can I update or edit my reviews?

A reviewer / user can easily update / modify their review by visiting their profile and select "write update" or "Edit review". Your original review will be archive and the latest review will be published for the consumers to access if you choose to "Edit review". Your older review will also remain available for the consumer to read and understand the overall experience and why have you update your review if you have chosen to "Write update"

How do I delete my profile?

You can delete your profile at any time by visiting your account settings. Deleting your profile will permanently remove your account, as well as all of your reviews and contributions.

Why review is not visible (even to the reviewer when signed out)?

We strive to present the latest and update review to our community of consumers. There are plenty of reasons that your review is not visible some of them includes: suspected solicited reviews in violation of our terms of service, suspected site-promotion spam (positive reviews), suspected competitor spam (negative reviews), language use, irrelevant content, and other terms of service violations.

How does B2B Inspection prevent fake reviews?

We take fake reviews very seriously and does certain steps to prevent them:

  1. Intelligent algorithm We do keyword base filtering for spam or fake reviews. Through our algorithm we identify characteristics that might indicate a review is fake (e.g., evidence that more than one review has been written by the same person), and then removes those reviews. This is a learning base algorithm and keeps on improving.
  2. Human Review We have a team of experts who randomly checks reviews and ensure their authenticity. We don’t manually check all of the review but we try our level best to ensure as much accuracy as we can.
  3. Community Support As a consumer you can flag a review as fake or mark for review so that we give extra attention to that review to find it authenticity. As a community member your involvement is of great importance to us.

How do we make money?

Our source of earning is mainly depending upon on site advertisements by businesses.

How are we different from other review platforms?

We don’t charge businesses to maintain their reputation instead we support our community to voluntarily review a business and rate them as per their experience without any influence. Businesses can freely respond to reviews and collect reviews from their customers (but they may not pay money to remove bad reviews).

Can my business pay to remove bad reviews?

Unfortunately, you cannot do that but if you a associated with the business for which a bad review has been posted you can respond directly on that review and resolve a customer issue or reason for that bad review.