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street no 27 main bulivard gulberg lahore Pakistan
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Remark for Scammer- never sent product
I ordered from this supplier.!after he collected money, he ceased all communication, and did not send the product. He is a true scam artist.

Reaction for SCAMMER
THe person kept in contact til he got my money then no more contact.. Scamming person..Do not buy

Critique for Theft
The seller who has a convincing website traded fine with me for a few times, then suddenly started raising the minimum order amount and finally he took the western union money transfer and has failed to deliver the goods, answer questions, e.mails, etc. He is a gold member on trade key. I feel like the only option is to fly to Pakistan and track him, yes track him and then provide him with the total bill. Very dissapointed and a lot of stress, financial mess, and bad reputation has been caused by dealing with Khalid Trading, Khalidpharma, khalid steroids. Contact me on 76.am.sweet@gmail if you need more info.

Remark for fraud
took my money and wont respond

Comment for ketamine crystal
was underweight, got sent a product that was not described as i ordered, no reply to find out how they are going to make up for the rest of the missing product.