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NO.703 shen nan zhong road Guangdong Shenzhen China
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Remark for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
This is my first experience making business with a chinese company and I'm very disappointed with it. My first approach to this market and my first fraud company, sorry but hard to trust again in this companies. My suggestion to Tradekey is to investigate better the company members to avoid this bad experience to the buyers, Tradekey for the buyers is the main eb image of the companies members. Beware to do business with this company Zhongming Co., LTD , definitively a Fraud company, doesn't deserve to be a member of TRADEKEY.

Feedback for The delivered goods are not what I agreed upon with the supplier( Wrong Goods )
I paid them for Iphone 4 and they sent me a piece of crap handbag as seen in the attached files.

Feedback for SCAM!!
I orderd of zhongming co . ltd and i recomend for any one thinking of it not to order or even ask a question to this company all they do is take your money and give you nothin in return i orderd with this company 2 weeks ago!! I have receaved my delivery this morning to find nothing in the box!! The docket had no suplier details only the delivery address!! The docket had (0) on the total weight and also the docket had (N) on the total charge none of the supliers information was on the ems docket!! The paypal bill stated the exact amount and quantity that was being payed for via paypal Im requestion as of this moment a full Refund from you the suplier/paypal/tradekey suplier details..... TRADEKEY - Mr. zhongming He Company: Zhongming Co., LTD Address: NO.703 shen nan zhong road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Telephone: 86-0755-27921386 Fax: 86-0755-27921386 Email address - [email protected] paypal name - [email protected] MY ORDER DETAILS Ems Tracking number - EE373311545CN An Post Tracking number - EC106309668IE

Evaluation for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Hello this guy is called He. I bought 10x tomtom from him, I received a wooden kitchen thing. i paid 400 dollars by paypal i ctrl copy the paypment. This guy is a fraud!!!! please remove him asap. Zhongming Co., LTD any questions? want more proof? i can sent you a picture with the item i received, the tracking number on the package... etc kind regards Jeroen Kruijff JNCS