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I think this guy is fraud. He started to sell samples, and after I paid, he started to say I need to buy more, shipping was too expensive etc. And after I told him to send money back, he just stopped talking to me, no answer to the email anymore. TAKE CARE

Response for Reporting Fraud
Hi, i had many communications with 'Jackie'. The transaction went well. This cost me $455 US. ------------ This was the agreement: 2 x New Authentic Apple Iphone 3G 16GB Unlocked / Black $400 1 x Gold GHD hair straightener $40 ------------ I received 2 x REFURBISHED COPY of iphone + the hair strenghtner. 1 of the phone DOES NOT even work. I included a picture of what i received and then a picture of the product i paid for. The seller won't replace the products even the one that does not work. Before the purchase i asked 3 times the seller to make sure: -Are they copy ? or -New Authentic Apple Iphone 3G 16GB ? ...he replied they are Real Apple Iphones 3G 16GB... Here is my last communication with him... Thank you, i will be waiting for a reply. [email protected] ---------- Hello, friend: ths for your early reply. I am sorry to reply to you so late. we really want to do honest business with every customer. we hope we can to do more and more business with you and hope we have a long term business cooperation with you. But may be this price, we only can provide this iphone. may be you know what price of what products. the original Apple Iphone at least price is 800$ per piece in USA. and may be 800$ not enough apple iphone cost price. In China, all of suppliers sale so lower price about 200$ per piece of Copy Iphone. If you sell more than 800$ of original apple iphone, may be no one like order products from us. we don't want to lie to anybody, but we have no way. so may be you can understand for us. now, we have sent apple iphone to you and open it. so you can consider for us, if you resent them to us, our suppliers don't want to take them back. so could you understand how can we to do. I am looking forward to do business with you. waiting for your early reply. best regards Jackie -------------------- Hello Jackie, i hope my previous eMail didn't offend you, it just that i had to borrow money to buy from you and now i'm left with 2 fake iphones and 1 does not work on top of that. Tell me why would i lie. I want to make money not make trouble. What can i get out of telling lies ? ...i still will have to send them back... Do you think i want to keep those 'cheap' phones' ? Of course i would send them back if you sent some other items. I don't like to waist my time any more than you. By the way, you cannot buy these phones in America ! Jackie, be honnest with me. Are you just waisting my time until i let go and stop asking for what i really paid for ? .... by the way, Apple Iphones have a Apple sign in the back... not holes for speakers... Understand the laws of attraction : you will not be wealthy financially by being dishonnest. Did you know that everyone i know told me that you guys were scammers but i didn't believe them because i put trust in your company. Help me prove them wrong by doing the right thing. Understand that your decision will eventualy affect more than just you & me. If you want to expand your market to worldwide and make big money, you have to be legit ! My parthener will want me to do my next buyings with an other distributor. It's your choice : either you want to make more money or not ? Give me your last reply. Marc, ------------------ Hi Jackie, here are some pictures. As you can see, they are not the same at all. Thank you, ...waiting for your reply. Marc [email protected] ---------------------- Hello, friend: ths for your early reply. have a good day to you. we have download the original apple iphone and see it. yes, our suppliers said that, they send apple iphone to you is the same with photos. could you check it again? or do you have photos. if that, we can called to our suppliers, they must be give satisfy answer to us. best regards Jackie ---------------------