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809#,19th floor,18th building,sixth district,hongxing commercial trade Hunan Changsha China
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Response for Fraud
I purchased a sample Ipod touch from this company for $79. Payment was made via Western Union 7/3/2009. The item was shiped to the wrong address via EMS and I did not recieve the product. The product was delivered and signed for on 7/10/2009 in 33160, someware in south Florida. This is not the address I provided. I made several attempts to contact and resove this issue with Joy Li, my contact at the company, and no solution or refund has been provided. As of today 7/15/2009 I haven't recieved anything. I would highly reccomend negative trust points be added to this selller.

Feedback for Big Scammer!!!!
Filed fbi report . www.ic3.gov paid for strollers they sent one box of junk and the other 4 strollers never sent. Theives Dont trust!!!

Response for This company stole my money
this company stole my money if any one need to see the documents just email me in this [email protected] this the person in this co i contact with [email protected] the receiver: xiaohong wu i send money in the same moment 3/7/2009 Western they send me instead of vaio laptop 1 mp4 with invoice $5 did you see thief like that. why the browse can't upload pics of mtcn and invoice and item they sent please tell my why

Feedback for This company seem not good
Hello, I tried contact this company and they give a price but their service is not good and i think they are not a trust company

Report for took my money
This company takes your money via Western Union and then don't send you any product. Don't buy from this rip off company.

View for Financial Fraud
Hi! I announced it to the company but never received a reply to you. These financial fraudsters. Pay them the money but the goods are not received. Do you deal with these applications?

Feedback for Scammed
I had purchased iphone 3gs from joy li weixin trade co ltd. Paid 184$ plus £21 to pay via western union I have been given a fake tracking number. The product has not left China and has only went through one sorting office. When I have purchased items before from China it goes through one sorting office and then the airport sorting office. I have emailed twice and been ignored. I have searched the internet and found out that this company is fraudulent. Contact Name Joy Li Paid on the 25th of June fake tracking number paid western union receiver HUAIHAI SONG I have other copies of emails to send but this will not upload them please advise I can forward emails to you. Thanks