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Changshan Industrial Zone Zhejiang Quzhou China
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Review for SCAMMERS
Vison Lighting Co., Ltd. and TINA WU are scammers! I ordered 200 light poles and it took 3 months to listen to their crap and finally they send me a piece of scrap under any quality standards. I haven't sene so poor quality. They have no idea how to manufacture poles, all they tell you is a lies and they are thefts!!! They will let you that they have a lot of clients in Europe, but those ar lies too. Never ever deal with this company, they are scammers and they will never return your money back. Company registration number: 330822000000348 Telephone: 86-570-5663333 Mobile Phone:008618868070678 Fax:86-570-5277777 Address: Xindu Industrial Zone,Changshan,Zhejiang ,Vison Lighting Co.,Ltd Zip: 324200 Country/Region: China (Mainland) Province/State: Zhejiang City:Quzhou http://www.wslzm.com http://www.facebook.com/wslzm http://wslzm.en.alibaba.com