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Observation for Fraud
I placed an order last week and was promised to have my products ordered by Christmas 12/25/06. It is now 12/28/06 and they will not contact me back concerning the product. They provided me with a tracking number and when I try to track it using all resources available to me, nothing shows up. I have tried contacting this company over and over again since 12/23/06 and they will not contact me back now.

View for fraud/deliberate deception
I paid this company $1210 usd by telegraphic transfer for 10 ipod items. The company recieved the cash on 7/12/06 and i have recieved no items and no refund and the last i heard of them was on the 13/12/06 when they emailed me and told me my items had been sent and would send the tracking number the next day. i have not heard anything since. The email address given [email protected] was responded by fen lan where we emailed each other with regards to my order and my payment. i would like for this company to be dealt with and for me to recieve my money back in GBP. I do have a copy of the telegraphic transfer and have kept all emails with regards to this failed transaction. please email me at my email address i have forward ed you the telegraphic transfer receipt from my bank. i would really appreciate your help in this matter as this company has left me with no money and no xmas presents.

Opinion for Dishonest!
Took money and then would not answer e-mails and never sent product. Do not do business with this person! Fen Lan was contact person. Sent money on 12/9 and then never heard from again!

Evaluation for Fradulent Trader
This supplier is a silver key member with tradekey as a result you expect them to behave in an upright manner but he has done everything but. I made contact with this supplier and we establiseh some sort of rapport and I went ahead and made an order, since then the supplier has not responded to any of my emails. I used another account to contact the customer, pretendidn I was a new customer. He responded within minutes till I told him who I was then there was no more communication from him. I will provide all the emails and the payment receipt. The person I was dealing with went by the name of fen lan ([email protected])

Report for Fraud
This company is a fraud. I ordered and paid for 7 playstation PS3 machines. I received 1 ugly sweat shirt in a size that I could not wear. I have all the documentation including the Western Union money transfer, the EMS shipping documents, and a photo of the sweat shitr that I received. This company should not be allowed to be on this web site. Doug Gillisse

Critique for Bad Business 2
I have asked for the return of the $778 usd from this company. They have not supplied me with any tracking numbers or anything to let me know that they are trustworthy. They have lied to me and said they have sent the 2 PS3's to me and then turn around and say they stopped it. When I said that I was reporting them, I was told that they don't know if it was stopped. iwas told that I could get 20% of my money back and after 7-10 days once they confirmed that I have not reported them they would returnthe other 80%.It sounds to me like they want enough time to pack up and leave. Who conducts business this way. This compaany is a fraud and I am out of $778. I hope the emails that I have sent to tradeekey do not go unanswered and I hope that we can catch the scammers.I know I probably will take a loss but I hope I can get my money back. I work to hard for it.

Observation for they are frauds
i have not received my goods! i sent the money on the 26th november and they still havnt arrived! they gave me a tracking number that doesnt work and they wont reply to emails don't buy anything from them lewis