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5th Floor, Block A, KongNam Industrial Park, Longgang Dist., 518116 Shenzhen, China. Guangdong Shenzhen China
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Report for Viruses on Flash Drives
We placed an order with Mr Kevin Luo as we knew him from a previous supplier. They supplied 500x 512mb flash drives that contained a virus that infected our customers PCs and also all the people they gave the flash drives too. We are now being sued by the client. Upon trying to contact Tonpha for a resolution to the problem we were told to fix them in the UK... we tried this but the uk factory were unable to remove the virus that seemed to be deliberatly installed on a locked partition (something that can only be done at the factory where made). Our further attempts at contacting this company have been hit with silence... with no one answering me on skype MSN or telephone calls to the factory. Please be VERY CAREFUL!!!

Response for USB Key order
Ordered 2gig printed USB keys Approved template on the 22-01-2010 Delivered 27-01-2010 (with an Australian public holiday in between) Contact - Kevin Easy to deal with. Perfect communication in English via phone and email. Great product with no fuss production. Delivered in super-quick time. I highly recommend.