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No.106-6 Yuhua Street Baodi District,Tianjin China
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Response for Woven micron stainless mesh,stainless Wire mesh,304 stainless steel Wire mesh

Opinion for Ordered items has not shipped
As you see attached,I have recieved their invoice for methanol purchasing from them and I sent money of 2112US$ which was 50% of prepayment as decleared in the invoice. Initially,they requested 100% prepayment,but,recently I met same trouble with other(100% paid,but nothing sent).Therefore,by negociationwith them,both agreed that to pay rest of 50% of money should be payed after recieving and confirmed their B/L copy which guaranteeed shipping from them to me normally. Up to several days after payment before they getting money from their bank account,their sales responded so frequently about money of banktransfer or others,but nothing once after they recieved money. Even I requested to send B/L copy by mail more than several times,but nothing replied. Then,finally I called their office by phone which was there in their Web.site,however,only first time,someone picked it up. But,I can't talk Tina.They said Tina was out of office and so,I requested to call back her and promised it. But,either not call back or not email. Then,although I tried to call them,but,they didn't picked it up anymore. Therefore ,I have no options by us and so,I request you to take leagal action of fraud by them. I am first time experience like this leagal request,then,if you need addition info.,please advice me. Best regards, Akira Hirai

Observation for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Dear Sir, I aready registerd as VUX-655528 by request of your legal department mail.Then,you can also see it as Akira Hirai,followed by I updated as my e-mail name([email protected]) on your site as additional info.Then,you can confirm it. Since I experienced similar troubles recently against chinese trading company and so,I requested their business license and owner's ID card(attached) as well as their invoice to do secure trading. In addition,although they requested 100% pre-payment initially as CIF price of 12.8 ton of methanol,but,by negociation with them,we agreeded to pay 50% as pre-payment. Then,I transfered money of 50% (2112$) of their invoice(4224US$). Rest of 50% should be paid them once I recieved B/L copy from them. Then,current status is that they will not ship my goods yet and then,I have not recieve B/L copy. Therefore,I have not yet paid rest of money yet. If they send me B/L as descrived on invoice,I am ready to pay rest of money(2112$). As you see past our mail transactions,their seller rep.(Tina) was replied me so frequently by the time of up to a week or so after they recieved money. But,after that,she never responded me by mail. Then,I called her by my phone. One time,I told her by phone (Registered Tradekey site of seller) and she promised me that they would ship it soon. But,since then,nothing they shipped yet even now. I requested it several times by mail since then. So,I called her by the company phone number again .But,their company staffs including her never picked my phone. Therefore,I asked to your sales how to do to solve it by chat. They recommended to request legal dept and told its ay to register it. Then,I registed it . This is past stories. Best regards, Akira Hirai