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8040 Dixie Highway Kentucky Florence USA
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Rating for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
My proof of payment images are to big to fit in the upload. I can send this proof via email. I order 50kg at $25 per kilo. The company first agreed to half payment up front then half on the back end. Then a 350 dollar shipping fee got added. Then after waiting 2 days for a tracking number the add on a $650 quarantine and handling fee. None of these fees are on the invoice, and were all delivered via email after payment was send. Merchant refused to send the product.

Response for Other (Provide details in comments section)
I caught it before making any transaction. Every time I asked them to verify their contact information and to learn more about their business they gave different business information. They are new to TradeKey but claimed to have been in the business 10 years, but they couldn\\\'t give me their old website saying it was under construction. They initially contacted me under a business called Esuka Pallam Limited Mr. Cubert Carla A 8040 Dixie Highway Florence, Kentucky USA 8040 Number: 001-6785908755 That number is an Atlanta, Georgia number. When I asked about their French email address and Georgia USA telephone, they said that company originated in France and then they gave me an address for Georgia the country: ESSUKA TEXTILE LIMITED 15, M. Javakhishvili str. Tbilisi - Georgia None of these show up on internet searches. They appear to have no legitimate history and through all of the lies, it can be categorized as fraud. No legitimate company does this.
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