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1901 ,Tiyu Mansion ,44 Gongyuan Road Jiangsu Nanjing China
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Review for Refuse to refund money
On May 17, 2013 I purchased 12 solar panels from Nanjing Sunbloom Industrial Development Co. On August 9 I received shipment form FedEx and I did not get what I ordered. Instead Sunbloom sent 12 pieces of glass with solar cells (not solar panels) and they were all smashed. I did not accept the package and FedEx shipped it back. I filed a complaint with Alibaba and Alibaba issued a judgment against Sunbloom stating that they should refund my money. Sunbloom ignored it. I tried many times to get my money back from Sunbloom and I never got it back and I was unable to file a civil lawsuit.

Opinion for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Next Generation Power Products (Next Gen) ordered 324 pcs mono solar panels (300w) for a total price of $27,216.00 from Nanjing Sunbloom Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (Sunbloom). Next Gen paid the total amount and Sunbloom refused to ship order until Next Gen pays for an insurance policy that does not effect our company. Sunbloom is holding the panels hostage. The insurance policy has nothing to do with the solar panels we ordered and paid for and is a separate issue. We paid per the agreement and then after they received the money they demanded more money.
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