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chandian industry zone Zhejiang Linhai China
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Reaction for josh green - manager, took $600
I agreed upon a deal. Josh Green emailed me daily and agreed to create 1000 silicone bracelets for me. He would respond quickly and daily. Once I wired the mail, I never heard from him again. This was May 4th. I sent emails with no response. Four weeks later, I called directly and spoke to Nick. He was unaware what had gone on. He found out that Josh had also taken money from an American customer. Nick both returned my called and responded via email and told me that they would solve my issue. He no longer responds to me. I have every email that went between Josh and I, as well as through Nick and I. I feel that tradekey should be acting as a liason to ensure that my order is fulfilled. I used this site in good faith. I made a business deal in good faith. Nick assured me that Josh was the solo culprit and the company was still worthy. Yet, I have heard nothing back from Nick, nor the new manager, nor do I have my bracelets. This ordeal has put my company behind at least 7 weeks already and I am about to lose the entire season if this is not resolved appropriately. I would like a response as soon as possible. THis has been extremely disappointing and frustrating. Also, I have been trying for the last hour to send attachments and they are being refused. I will send the remainder attachements from my email. Sincerely, Sid Kroach