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No 59 Lianhang Road shanghai China
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Review for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
In March, 2011 Mr. Edward Fan CEO of Shanghai Sourcing (SS) responded to my email inquiry about manufacturing plastic dropper tubes. He turned me over to his English speaking sales person Zach Marble. SS made the proposal, they made the quote, and they dealt with the manufacturer. I transferred 3400.00 USD (Attached) to SS. It is acknowledged in their email of 6-19-11. Since then, they assigned my case to three more people, one after the other in their office. They kept informing me that the quality of the tubes is not good (see emails). Then, on their own they switched to another manufacturer who turned out even worse! Lastly, they switched me over to Jerry who would not respond to my emails. I contacted Edward Fan (CEO) and he refuses to return my money and wants to start the project all over because the quote they gave me was \\\\\\\"too low\\\\\\\". It seems like just another attempt to extort more money from me. I have gotten nothing for my USD 3400.00 thus far. It is plain and simple fraud and cheating!