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25 Albion Street, LS28ES, UK Leeds UK
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Comment for Goods
A very helpful supplier. In fact they went out of their way to ensure I received goods after being scammed by someone else. Sean Mc a star

Report for i never have my order
hello i send them money at the 4 of fev.and i scan them the transfer of the bank.alot of my messege have not answer.i did not receve my order yet with no information.i will wait 2 days then i will go to see the police..i will send all my email and the papier of money transer

Comment for Don´t trust this company
We ordered and sent 1230 GBP to this company for 2 months ago. We are still waiting for the parcel. They have refused to answer last 5 emails.

Observation for Russel Medical
This seller is a cheater. I have placed order with the company. We agreed that i should pay 50% of the order via IBAN/SWIT to his bank. - So i did and send him copy of transaktion from my bank. Then he should send 50% (Percent) of the order. But he did not. I have serveral times try to email him, but he do not reply. Could you either kick him out. or ask him to deliver my order as agreed.

Critique for stole £1000
this company had my money will not answer the phone or email, this is the second time i have been done on your site its the last time you site is a danger to real honest people

Rating for non delivery
this seller offered me 200 roche valium for �£50,he then gave me his bank acc amd sort code number whitch i duly deposited the said money,this was 3/4 weeks ago,he said he sent it then he got it back and would resend it and still nothing,he rarely replys to email and try to fob me off with some excuse,i have since found out that his regestered address is a PO box and has no website,the two people i dealt with gave there names as mark,or sean mc,i can print off the evidence and fax them to you as dont know how to attach record and emails off these transactions,regards allan cowan,or i can email the attachments to you can i have your email address,regardsallan cowan