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Meifeng Fujian Putian China
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Took money and never sent item

Evaluation for Bad Business
This company never send my Phones i paid for, I tried to contact them. They kept blocking my address, I have send them more than 4 emails. They never reply and don't want to resolve the problem, I want my products. All the evidence is in the file, the payment was sent and she blocked me and delete me again tonight.

Reaction for Do not trust company
The person Mr. Lively tricks you into buying his product. He will be nice and reply to all your emails. Then when you pay him he will give a fake tracking number and won't reply to your email. Bottom line don't trust this person or company/website.

Review for this firm is a swindler
i sent a lot of money with western union to this firm but they sent nothing. they only collect money. they are criminal. Take care - never buy from this criminal and swindler first name: Jinxing last name: Zhan address: Putian,Fujian,China also a swindler: First name: Kai last name: Chen address: Putian City,Fujian Province,China Take care - never buy from this criminal and swindler If you send money you will get nothing are somebody able to help me for contact police in this town?

Observation for STOLE MY MONEY $380!!
This company should be taken off this site! I paid them $380 for 2 iphones and 2 ipods. I used western union and trusted them! Afterwards I got no communication and no item. I got a tracking number that did not work! I'm highly upset, becuase those items were supposed to help pay for tuition! Those who are working with/for this company should be arrested. NEVER, NEVER will I buy from them or suggest others to them! I have given tradekey all proof of the transaction. Supporting documents are all in email format. I have the western union receipt as well. Please e-mail, if you would like it fowarded to you and you can actually see the tracking no, that was bogus. [email protected]