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Comment for The seller is a beggar cheating buyer's money
It's a scammer! A man called Mr Colin Brown act as the contact person as the "supplier" and he never return upon the payment made to him via western union. I wonder why such a scammer could survive in Tradekey for so long. If you need further evidence, please contact [email protected] I have reported to the police about the act already. Don't think that you can escape. He even cheated 800USD!! What a poor beggar!

Review for Scam alert!!!!
Do not buy anything from this scumbag, i sent him £300 for product by moneygram and he never ever sent the product. Everything he says is lies, when you phone him he sounds genuine but believe me this guy is running the biggest scam ever, i beleive this is how the guy makes his living. When i sent the money he said he would send the tracking number for the parcel right away,there was no parcel and there was no tracking number. I kept phoning him and he would just click his phone off, then one day i got a hold of him and he pretended he was someone else and said he had found the phone on the bus, but i knew by the voice it was still him. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY HE IS A TOTAL CON ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!