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No66 Luohu Road Jiahe Zone Guangdong Guangzhou China
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Remark for Fraud and Scam
I ordered two Apple MacBook Pro 15" and 1 free Apple MacBook 13" with this company. I sent this company $1200.00USD through Western Union two weeks ago. Today I rec'd a package that has boots and purses. John Powell Computer Excel

View for cheating company
Dear Sirs, i have done business with the above company and they claimed they have an offer of buy 2 mobile phones, get one free, i have paid them money for the transaction in amount of 360 usd, today i recieved a parcel from them and instead of mobile phones they have sent 2 handbags. I believe you should not only remove trust points, but should close this company so that they will not steal money from customers. Dear Sirs, this is the second company that has cheated me via your website. i am gradually loosing trust on doing business online. waiting for your prompt reply regards omar kammourieh

Opinion for fraud/scam
I ordered 5 phones from this company for $400usd and not only did it take forever, they sent me 2 pairs of shoes! And they refuse to answer my emails!

Rating for My laptop or refund
I purchased a laptop with the company for $460. I was purchasing a 15 in Laptop. The first tracking number they claimed that it was sent back to them but DHL.After a week had passed. The second tracking number was sent to me after I emailed requesting tracking information. They gave me a tracking number on 1/20/10 and I recieved it on 1/28/10 It was a pair of shoes and two watches.I want my laptop or my money back as soon as possible. The email said I was doing business with was xinlu. The transaction started on 1/13/10.

Comment for this is a fraud URGENT
please tradekey , take some serious action against this company, I have sent money to this company to buy a computer and what I have found is that after I sent the money? I have gotten two pairs of shoes in the mail, this is a scam and please tradekey help me get my money back; first this company with a reprentative name xinlu has asked me to pay only half of the amount of the laptops price and when I get it to paid the other half, i trusted her or him and I have sent the half of the money and at my big surprise, i have gotten two pairs of shoes i; but i have ordered was a computer, this company has presented itself as a computer manufacturer but it was a scam.

Critique for Fraudulent Items
I was in contact with this supplier for Nokia N900 phones all the way up to the time my items were delivered. Finally my packages come and none of them are what i paid for and ordered, My contact person at this company is xinlu. i received an apple iphone (i did not order), and two pairs of pony shoes. My original order was for 3 Nokia N900 phones for $400. Because of the company's promotion buy 2 get 1 free. I request my money back from this transaction. Or the correct items

Rating for Fraud
I ordered an ipod touch 64 GB and paid USD 120 to a person named Kathy Li. It was done through Western Union. When i asked about the company's website, the website (http://www.sellelectron.com/) was given, however, the goods that i received was a fake rolex watch. The only solution is i want my money to be refunded! Ben
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