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Report for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
I lost money, I have been mistaken, This company is a fraud. I can provide all mail exchanged between me and the ghost company NCF Co. Fake company ncf-co / ncfoilsandnutsinc.com is a mix agricultural products with illegal drugs, that's typical of Cameroon scammers, some of whom are in Cyprus/Turkey When it asks me to change the payment terms. Asking to pay upfront in relation to what was originally agreed. Only here doubted, and began to investigate. I tried to send a fax, but the fax does not exist. I was contacted by the following telephone number 00905488904764 This scammer also uses Telephone : 90-5-428762451

Evaluation for Success Story for NCF COMPANY
In a modern business world where everything has been made simple by a click of the mouse was made to a realisation in our company when we came in contact with this Turkish base company. The nervelessness of not complying was the most obvious atmosphere for a start in every on-line transaction but this company has the best of its refined sunflower. We praise the team where they registered (trade key) and say may NCF meets it greatest vision of customer's satisfaction. Long live tradekey team Niech żyje tradekey zespół Long live NCF company Niech żyje firma KFK

With regards to our transaction between NCF COMPANY, we were delighted with the manner with which a client of yours (NCF COMPANY) welcome and traded us in a such receptive manner. This first transaction was just a trial with the company and that was why we ordered just 44 tons of refined sunflower oil. With the normal fever of fear for first business for company just known online but with tradekey at the frontline, our fear was reduced and for the fact that NCF COMPANY is a goldkey member of your high esteem trade site, our no fear reduced and we had to proceed. The first 44 tons was transported from Turkey to Slovakia and it took less than 10 days for the delivery and we were so gladden and for this reason, we are present to sign a 10 years contract with NCF COMPANY. We can now conclude here by saying a big thank you to tradekey and may you continue with your ever promising trade site of making buyers and sellers to come together to finalize contracts.
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