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254 block DHA Punjab Lahore Pakistan
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Evaluation for Fraud company
Muhammad Kashif, the direct contact of NAAKSONS PVT LTD, a fraud firm, was a fraud.We sent someone to Lahore, Pakistan on April 25th to find Muhammad Kashif to look at the chicken paws�On April 27th, we paid the deposit of 29 tons of chicken feet, among which our staff supervised their work.However, when the goods arrived at the port on May 29th, we found that the delivered goods were not the same as what we ordered originally, and they were switched. The quality of the goods actually received was very poor, not worth the amount of our payment.The quality of the claws we received was very poor. They were small, had black bones and were badly damaged.While the goods are still in transit, Muhammad Kashif provided us with a fake telex release, the actual date of arrival at the port is May 29th, Muhammad Kashi said it was May 24th, and it will be in.As a result, we bought a lot of garbage at a high price�When the goods arrived, we contacted Muhammad Kashif and he said that he had shipped our goods incorrectly. He would send a new batch, but he could not be contacted any more.If necessary, I can provide more screenshots as evidence.
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