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11 nishi kuwa road Shanghai Shanghai China
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i send 16 9$ Western Union 06/22/2010/ Dont have nothing.

Opinion for Internet Fraud
I contacted this company to buy an iphone 4g as a gift to my girlfriend. After conclusion of the price and I 'told to pay by Western Union. A few days after paying and I 'was given a code for tracking. After a few weeks and see that the tracking control and 'was delivered in Las Vegas. I try to contact the seller by email but nothing. On the Internet by searching known nn be the only defrauded. I enclose a copy of payments and a file of emails sent. Thanks for your help.

Rating for This company stole my money
Please do something with this company. A guy with the name Jin Lai stole money from me. I was looking to buy 5 cellsphones. I asked to use paypal method, he didnt agree. He agreed to get 30 % and he will send cellphones. I did send 30% the same day, he said somebody from canada stole him thousand of dollars and that he couldnt trust not one. I wanted refuend and he said he will give on 15th of next month. Before that he got in contact with me and he said pay 120 more i will send you the cellphones. He sent me a guarantee note and invoice with the seal of his company and i agree to send the money. After sending the money he dissapearred.. Today he just got in touch with me and he claims that he went to south africa and he apologize with me. However, he said that im a bad customer that he check online and he said that i had some packed another phones and i never paid.. A guy name David [email protected] got in touch with me because i wanted to buy cellphones but i didnt buy it from him.. I just asked and i want to get pay via paypal and he didnt have either. So now today David & Lai got in touch with saying that im a bad customer and that David put something online saying im a bad customer. Im thinking Lai & David are the same person.. Please dont allow these people to keep stealing money from us.. Please let me know if you need any more information i will appreciate to provide you. Please contact me at [email protected]

Feedback for http://www.mint-electronicshop.com/‏ are scammers
Hello Sirs/Madam, How are you? I was emailing to Mr. Lai Jin who is the Saler manager from mint-electronicshop.com. He and I agreed on the price for 5 Iphones 4 unlocked for 775USD. I have send the money on Western Union on the August 18 ,2010. I give him my name, address, MTCN which he ask for. But when he recieved the money, he give me false tracking for my items. And after that, I email him many times, but he doesn't reply back. He told me that I will recieve the items in 3-5 days. Now its 8 days. Also, I checked his website that is now closed. I have all the documents below with the western union receipt.

Remark for Fraud
I made an order but never received the product. The company gave me a EMS tracking number that was fake. I have tried to contact them on 3 separate occasions but they no longer reply to my emails.

Evaluation for Scam
we sent money for products and we received a fake tracking number and no more replay they just don't care. They ask for the Wester Union transfer and after that they not anwers you again. If you dont want to be Scam dont do business with this company.

Opinion for fraud
have exchanged many emails with Jin Lai ([email protected]) in regards to a bugaboo baby strollers. Agreed a deal with supplier, made payment through western union, he then emailed me a false tracking no and now isnt returning my emails

Observation for No response to claim
On July 1, 2010 I sent a money gram to this company in the amount of $530. The last email I received from Mr. Lai Jin was on July 18, 2010 stating that EMS delivered to the wrong address. My last email was sent on August 1, 2010 asking for a refund. Attached are the emails sent and received. I want to find a reputable company to work with. This does not look good on tradekey if their gold members are not trustworthy. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Becky Thompson BST Global LLC

View for fraud
this is a fraud company mr lai jin CEO $575.43 i want a refund because you hosted the fake company so you are responsible for there losses

Response for Fraud Aler
I was in contact with a Jin Lai we negotiated a price for apple ipad . because i was a new customer I would pay 60% of purchase price via western union and the remainder upon delivery.I sent the fund and the MTCN number the funds were picked and Jin Lai never responded to another communication after that.I never received the merchandise or any other communication.