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Binhe Guangdong Shenzhen China
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Reaction for Recent Trade
I could not have found a better trader to deal with. McFai have given me exemplary personal service and even sourced product with a closer spec to what I was looking for. In my attempt to be able to offer my buyers a free gift with product they went out of there way to find me suitable small gifts. When I have requested specifications and pics of product they have always been helpful.They have taken note of what my market is and have suggested product not on their website that may fit my market. I would have no hesitation in reccomending McFai and their CEO Marilyn Chang as a most reliable and helpful supplier. The transaction was quick when I finally decided to purchase and the product was here saftly in 4 days by EMS

Reaction for Electronic supplier
Pretty good and reliable, excellent communication and good products.

Report for Great Supplier!
McFai Electronics has treated me with respect and honesty. Marilyn has helped me build my business in more ways than I can describe. Of all the companies that I have dealt with in China, McFai Electronics is by far the most honest and trustworthy. I would absolutely recommend McFai Electronics as a great supplier of quality mobile phones and other electronics. Thank you!!
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