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No5 GaoXinZhong 2 Road Science and technology park nanshan district Guangdong Shenzhen China
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Rating for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Dear Sir/Madam, I was told by LIU JIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED (www.eletronics-commerce.net) that the products I had paid for was sent out over 12 days ago. I was then sent a fake tracking number (EE708864289CN),after raising my concerns I was told by a Mr John that EMS had sent my goods to the wrong address and it would take a further 7 days to sort out the problems encountered. I then raised my concerns but I have had no contact from MR John despite sending him numerous emails to date. I have checked and noticed that he is still visiting TRADKEY on a daily basis, probably looking for his next victim to scam! I will be getting in touch with the local law enforcement so that legal action may be taken against this company but also hope that TRADEKEY will take appropriate action on my behalf? Please can you keep me informed of your progress and what action TRADEKEY will take on my behalf after this complaint has been logged with your company? Kind regards David Churchill.

Response for Payment was not received from the buyer even after I shipped the order
If the business has trust points and the customer does a request through your business portal; how can the customer be protected if theft is allowed? Sooner or later customers will stop using Tradekey because the vendors are not honest Robin Allen

Rating for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
My name is Alex I met through you Empress SHENLON INDUSTRY (HK) CO., LTD., LIMITED Du Peng then got in touch with them They showed me their web site www.hkgoldled.com and told me that they were gold member of you I tried to make a proposal on the original bike Honda CBR1000RR 2011 and would come here all right and that does not let any company Tradekey be coupled with it .... I believed and did good the deposit at the beginning of the bike that the figure was 258usd and then told I had to send more money for shipping and sent more 78usd and then told me I had to send more tax from china 114usd I paid it all and not sent me the bike and the seller said that they sent my bike to use and that was a mistake and now I have to pay shipping it again so they can send me the goods and I'm angry because I feel totally cheated I paid much more than the value of the bike was at the beginning and still has not got the bike and the worst that they want more money and never send me the bike I was a fool believing in them and you from tradekey and I want my money back you should be asking but that represents business and other look at the web site and you will see the address and the same so you check http://www.goodluckjerry.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=12 http://www.hkgoldled.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=12 means the same gang the three empresses are the same
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