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7th, Houyang Chemical Garden Jiangsu Changzhou China
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View for never got my order taken by customs
i purchased some hgh from john ni hong kong chemical co. i sent him $1,500.00 and he guarenteed i would get the hgh parcel no problem. well customs got my parcel and i sent mr. john ni proof of the customs sesure and the man still refuses to send me my money back or reship the order? mr ni sent the hgh in a bway that customs took it he baoxed it in a box that customs lokks for coming out of china. i can otacted several online sellers of hgh and everyone said the sending hgh through the mail without packaging it diguised in some other parcel is always get taken by customs! i sent you an email with the customs letter which is dated and has a case number on it showing that the hg was taken by customs.!!!! i also included a copy of the money i sent to john ni by way of western union. i thought mr ni was a really great and honest,but john ni CEO of the company must not be able to read or something because if he read the customs letter he can call them av verify that the parcel was taken by givng the customs the case number?? i want my cash back because me john ni miss lead me in to buying hgh from him saying that it was ok to by it and safe to sendhgh in the mail to the usa?? john ni is uppose to be a 2year gold key member,he is a scammer!!!!!!!!! not a very nice person,and he sent the hgh knowing perfectly well it would not get to the usa without being taken by customs. thank you my dear friends. i am very displeased with tradekeys allowing such so many scammers on such a great website? you need to get photo ids and birth certificates etc. before allowing so many ripp offs on your website, sorry to be so straight forward but i have been in law inforcement all my life and i see so many loop hole that inables scammers the chance to become a maber and rip off people all day long. if i knew hgh was ilLegal i would have never bought it,but john ni said it was safe!!!! TO BUY! AT 60 YEARS OLD I AM TO OLD TO PLAY GAMES THAT JOHN NI WANTS TO PLAY!!! I TRIED TO SEND ATTACHMENTS IN THIS EMAIL BUT I HAD TO SEND THEM IN ANOTHER EMAIL I HOPE YOU GOT THEM IF NOT PLEASE EMAIL ME AND I WILL RESEND TO YOU,PLEASE? THANKS FOR YOU HELP! EVERT PEARSON

Evaluation for Fraud
I have bought a product from this company and once I paid via Western Union I never heard from them again

Mr.John Ni form King Kong Chemical is a scammer, he does not send out orders, i sent him 1200usd and he never sent my order and ignored my emails. Anyone beware of this guy, his real name is Zhizhong Ni also goes by John Ni.

Rating for Paid $408.00 Received Nothing
I paid for product (jintropin 100 iu) by western union, the money was collected nine days ago. I have received nothing. Contact was John Ni.

Critique for Ripped me off
I bought an item through King Kong back in August. I had sent money for 100x100mg Viagra. I was $9 short because I forgot to send in USD instead of Canadian. When item was shipped, I received 64 tablets instead of 100 for the $9 I was short. This math makes no sense but I was told I would be repaid with our next bit of business. I then proceeded to a larger order of an item that they carry. I have sent $2, 000 US and now John Ni from King Kong Chemicals is not answering my emails. I have to put my dispute here in hopes I will get some response.

Comment for scam fraud
Is a thief he has stolen 600 USD, has never sent the goods and not responding more to email from 1 month! What should I do?

Comment for Fake products
I was assured I was receiving genuine Jintropin HGH. It was a counterfit product, no doubt. When I informed this supplier he sent me fake Jintropin, he said his "Brother" worked for Jintropin, so he receives Jintropin without the anti-counterfit seals. An absolute lie. The vials are different, the labels are different, the powder is different, the box it comes in is different, and yes, there are no anti-counterfit seals. I would not be so upset, but the product is junk. This supplier may be able to trick inexperienced people that have not used HGH before, but I know better. thief! He took a lot of money from me, and I'm sure he gets a lot more from others that do not know the real thing.

Critique for Fake HGH
These guys are selling fake Blue Cap HGH. it is 100% Fake I have had it tested it is not real HGH.

Remark for Nice Jintropin
The products are of high quality. Highly recommeded and it deserves an excellence grading.

Critique for hgh
never recived products / neveremailed me back , but did take my money .. poor buissness practices