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this supplier tell he has real hygetropin. But when he send to me the number, the authentification did not work. After i send him that, he responds me " so why do you talk with me". This personn is not professionnal and i don't think he's working with the manufacturer hygeptropin like he tells and i don't think he sells legit hygetropin.

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Please beware of the fake products being sold by this person. Well, I work in a medical research lab and I have access to all the equipment required to test hgh; including norditropin pens as a positive control. Here is what I did: 1. Since a 8 IU vial contains less than 3 mg of hgh, I first tested the total amount of Protein in one vial. This can be accomplished by several colorimetric assays (BCA, OD). 2. This only gives an indication of the amount of Protein. It does not indicate anything about purity or identity. To get a measure of purity, I uses gel electrophoresis to separate out the components in the vial according to mass. hgh should run at a mass roughly equal to 22,000 Daltons. 3. Gel electrophoresis can tell me if the Protein is pure and roughly the same size as hgh but it does not identify it definitely. To address this, I used an antibody directed to hgh in a immunoblot. This will tell me if the Protein is really hgh or trashed protien product that has the same mass. On my latest batch of hyges I ran all three tests. The product failed all three. The Protein concentration was 1/3 of control. On a gel electrophoreisis, the band correspondend to a 66,000 Dalton Protein. The immunoblot was negative. Three quantitative measures all told me the product was fake. In fact, the 66,000 Dalton band corresponds to the exact size of albumin.