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563# Hubin Nan Road Fujian Xiamen China
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Rating for Reporting a Fraud complaint against the above company.
Hi, I got a girl from this company named Anna who promised me that she will send a sony waio laptop to me so i made a bank transfer for $287 on 10/1/2011, but until 26/1/2011 she said that i havint received your money and she vanished no contact after that before a week i got hold of her by using another id when i asked her she is saying we did not receive the money but i am sure that she has and she is trying to cheat me and go away with my money. And also i am sure that with my money they have got the gold key membership in trade key. Please close their account and pay my money back. this comp-any is a fraud company. Close their account immediately and help me to keep justice. Thank You.

Evaluation for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
this supplier sent me a tracking number and it never was delivered to my address..when i tired to contact the suppler they had stop responding to my email. They were polite and responded to my email until i send the money..

Review for Good product
It is one of the best product in market and would like to be in a dealership with this company.

Reaction for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Hi, Communication records of interviews made with the existing [email protected]. I bought products from that person. I sent him the money(Payment document sent to you). I've ordered 5 packs but just 1 packet sent to me. He sent me the tracking numbers but all are numbers belonging to someone else. I sent you the other speeches. And i am not communicating with he. I can not reach him. Help me please. Halil ilhan [email protected]