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longhuali Road Fujian Xiamen China
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Report for The delivered goods are not what I agreed upon with the supplier( Wrong Goods )
hello. thanks for your information and interet. since december 2010 i am communicating with HKlaiger. i asked many questions and wrote about 60 emails. as they are member of tradekey i believed them and had only a few doubts, but hoped to dea with a honest trustworthy company. after all they seem to be a fraudulent company after they did not answer 1 mail after my complaint! i am very disapointed becaus i recieved one pair cheap copies of ugg boots, which has really nothing to do with my original order. the highnes of impertinence ist that they offer me a refund of $ 150 usd. out of the $ 600 usd that i have transfered. of course i reported this case to pay pal, they are now investigating and i also reported it to the police, they are also investigating against the company. companies like that (there are still more of them on your platform) should be banned and locked up in jail, for a long time. we are good and honest paying people and do not need to be cheated so shamlessly!! it is a very big pity and shame, that meanwhile more than 200 000 chinese companies working on the web are reported as frauds and scammers! i do not understand how you can sign up and recommend such companies. i wonder what you will do to stop this fraud and hoping to hear from you soon. thanks . regards zodi saledinoglu

Critique for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Dear Sir hello from Greece , I' am having a problem regarding a payment that I make to one customer of your site that I met him. Attach you can see the payments that I make to him from 15/02/11 I am waiting my parcel but nothing yet.. I' am sending you all my conversation with him, as I search at the net this site does not exist anymore that why I am upset with this ?Can you help in this matter please ?Also I search for this mail and I found that is scam mail. Can you please help me ?And with the money ? what to do ? please inform me as soon as possible. Kind regards Christina.

Critique for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
I have paid for the goods and got nothing from them but the run around and their excuse was the boss is not here now. This is another one of the scammers from china

Observation for 3 weeks waiting no answer
After 3 weeks waiting my shippment and no answer about the fact that you send me the iphone in France and not in Australia i just copy the message i sent you 2 times i think it s clear: Hi there, The payment for my order is done Payment : $600,00 AUD Paypal transaction number: 7RY69040LJ326305V Shipping details: Boutamjine Fabien 130 Grange road Carnegie 3163 Vic Australia i m still waiting that you refund me the $600 i Paid. I Hope tradekey will help me, I send you i don t know how many messages you could answer ans try to find a solution. I m not going to leave you $600 without having my shippment. I strongly recommend not to work with this personn who rip me off.

Report for ipad
I ordered a ipad from this company and recived a pair of shoes:.scammer.....dont buy

Rating for The delivered goods are not what I agreed upon with the supplier( Wrong Goods )
Sirs, As you can see in the documentation I attached, I paid $ 750.00 to this company for 3 New Apple Iphone 32gb Factory Unlock in color black, I wait for my order but when the order arrive, there is no phones in the package, there is a pair of shoes and the package match with the tracking number the company give me when they said that sent my order. I attached my courier report to verified that, after that I try to contact Mr. Windy Huang to explain me what happen with my order but he just didn't answer my e-mails, that indicates me that is not a honorable company because didn't try to solve the situation, please help me to this company refund my money at once. The experience with this company was bad, when they want to sell the communication was fluid but now didn't answer my mails.

Remark for Sent me used pair of shoes
I purchaced two I Pads from this company and they sent me a used pair of shoes with tracking number EE330933786CN they have two differnt websites they go by and they are www.trade886.com and www.hklaiger.com the guy that sold me the items was ADA and his email is [email protected] I will attach pictures of what they shipped me the one pair of used shoes. He sold me these item via pay pal and the paypal email they used was [email protected] I have disputes with them right now. I also have record of all the emails that where sent if needed The pictures that I have I will have to fax to you I was able to upload the pictures in another dispute that I have opened with this company so if you could refer to them

Evaluation for SCAMMER!!
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