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7/f kin on comm bldg 49-51 jervois st sheung wan HONGKONG China
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Reaction for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
The files can not be uploaded to the system and i do not know why.I have all the information needed.please contact me to give it to you as i can not upload it in my email that is [email protected] This seller has taken the money and since then has not responded to me or send me any email or anything else.Please contact me as soon as possible and tell me if there is anything i can do.The items ordered were an iphone 4s 32gb and ipad 2 64gb eg wifi that are in their website

Feedback for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
It is a bad experience to fall on this supllier who rob your money. we also work hard to win money and some people profit on you because they know you are so far from china.

Opinion for bad
Did not get goods ordered one apple 17" MAC book pro and two apple 4s iphones 32g

View for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
this company HONG KONG HD IND&TRADING LTD did not sent me my products that i ordered from them and i like to take legal action against this company that scammed me

Review for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
I had to fight with paypal to get my money back. After the request for the update, I recieved nothing from them.

Observation for SCAM COMPANY
i paid for the item 6 days ago and have heard nothing from the company altho they would reply almost instantly before i paid can supply emails to the company along with proof they have the money and any other info you require just contact me [email protected]

Opinion for Kefeng Xu Refuses to give me back my money
I have transacted painful business with Mr. Kefeng Xu I lost 30 phones to Miami Customs because of Apple Logo on my consignment. He never offered to reimburse me even as responsibility of getting it to me safely rested upon him. Next orders were for fewer phones but the same hassle in communication - he gives you the wrong items and I have to spend time and money getting them back to him for replacement. My main complaint is of the last order which took 5 months to even start shipping to me. It never reached me. I demanded my money back but till today Mr. Kefeng has refused. He says he also is losing money on the sent items which I have paid for. He has never written an email to me to explain. I write volumes of emails - he replies with ridiculous questions and never more than one line of text. Will someone deliver me from this kind of businessman?