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NO 42,zhushanRoad JianXi FuZhou China
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Comment for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Dear Tradekey support! I made sample order from this company. I paid to this person 4 days ago and he/she doesnt respond my mails but he/she promised to provide tracking number in 12 hours after payment!! I was cheated twice on Tradekey, so Im afraid that this company is fraud too! Please help me to reach this person!!! Thank you Lana

Comment for This company doesn't deliver
I placed an order in November of 2010. I sent them money via Western Union and have not gotten any product yet. Tradekey should exclude this company from their listings of reputable firms. As I gather my documentation I will file a formal complaint. Read about my adventures at www.espringtrade.info

Evaluation for kingston
scam scam scam scam thief

Remark for Scammer
Do not buy this person scammed me out of a lot of money will give you fake tracking numbers BEWARE

Review for havent recieved any goods
I have placed 7 differnet orders worth over 5000 usd with the company and none of the tracking numbers work. i have been waiting for the products for over 1 month now and still nothing. i just need help to resolve this matter as i wont be able to stand letting this go. i need tracking numbers that work. here are the ones i have now: EE441586878CN EE449929525CN RR929361504CN RR929361756CN RR929361549CN RR929361552CN RR929361566CN

Review for Fraud seller
wired company money $295.00 USD for sample order on 11/07/10, have not received package and tracking number they gave me does not update stays the same. I have contacted the company and they say the same thing the package is on the way. But tracking does not work. No change, I suspect this company has many websites and registered here on trade key under different names. Please give immediate feedback for this seller and help buyers not lose their money. Thanks.

Observation for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
I never dealt with this person before. Annie said I were to receive this package ( 2x iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32GB) for 250 dollars each. I paid western union on September 28 of this year 2010. Up until today never received items. She s been chatting with me and telling me to wait patiently. I track the items RR929361190CN, but gives me no updated follow up. Can you please help me with this issue? I dont know if seller is lying or items got lost on its way. I trust this site and wish to do more business but now I feel afraid to order from others of this site. Help?