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BeiJing road Guizhou Guiyang China
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Remark for Kelvis Acosta
Never try to buy anything to this fake company. They stole my money. The reason because the do not accept any secure payment like paypal is because this is a SCAM. Stay away of this thieves.

Response for fraud
i got a seling lead from this company. and i communicated by email. i paid for hp laptops USD 300 by paypal. then the seller provided the tracking number thorugh paypal. but when i tracked it the shipment went to UK. im from maldives. so i contacted the seller again and he said it was a mistake by one of his department. then again he provided shipping tracking info by TNT five days back. since then i have tried to track it but i cannot track it. now he is not replying to my mails. i have included reference documents here.

View for Fraud, scammers
I asked this company to supply me samples for apple iphone 4G,apple ipad wifi+3G 64gb and paid them $710 usd via paypal, on the 8th July 2010. I recieved a small package from this company on the 15th July with nothing inside the box just paper. Bascially they lied to me they are nothing but cheating lying scum bags of the earth. I have reported the company to paypal and will report them to china police department. The person I was dealing with was the owner himslef Mr Xiao hua.

Critique for I have been SCAMMED.
I first contacted this "company" on 12/06/10. I have always spoke by e-mail with Mr.Xiaohua Zhang. I placed my order precisely one week ago 15/06/10, I paid through western union $400 to the name he gave me: Zhilin Zhang. He promissed to ship the order next day, he didnt because it was a Festival day, then one day later, he said he had sent it through EMS EE272262593CN, and that the tracking should be available within a few days. The tracking never worked. I contacted and he said that customs were slow because of the Shangai Expo, and he promissed to re-send again through Guangzhou customs. I contacted him again two times and never heard back from him again. I have all the emails, and I have the western union payment receipt. Please CLOSE his account here on Tradekey, How can you accept fraudulent sellers?!?! I gave my money upfront and received.. NOTHING. Please take action against this company.

Review for SCAM
He send pair of shoes instead of electronic.

Observation for Cheat company
Hi, Please take this very serious. This company is a cheat. I had requested a iphone 32gb 3gs and the guy from the company named Mr. Zhisong replied back with estimates. I ordered one phone and paid amount using MoneyGram. He gave me shipment number on15th April and told me shipment will come in 3-5 days which didnt happened. I got my shipment on 26th April 2010 and to my suprise, it was a Ipod Nano 16gb. This company is a big big cheat!.. Please take neccessary action against them. First Name: ZhongYI Last Name: Liu Address:Shenzhen city CHINA Shipment #EE282128823CN through EMS. I have all email communications and chat arhives to prove this company fraud. You can reach me on +13123639851 for details. Thanks.