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36# FaDa road, XuHui district Shanghai Shanghai China
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I ordered over 1,000 soft sole baby shoes. I paid over $3,000 by paypal in December. He said he would mail them so I would have them before Christmas and now it is the end of March without ever hearing from him. He goes by Eric Smith and he does not respond to my e-mails. I posted on a forum on another website that he did not send me my shoes or issue a refund and then he threatened me. He still has not mailed my shoes. I can send the e-mails and a copy of the paypal, if i need to. thank you

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We started to work with this company in september. We ordered 1700pairs of baby shoes made from sheepskin leather. They said that they need 14 working days to complete shipment to us (we decide to take airmail). We made the payment. The company sended the first package one moth after the payment only because of the pressure from our side (in the box instead of 200pair like it should be were 60 pairs). In 4 months from the moment of payment we got in total 200pairs from 1700 that we paid for. The last shipment of 60 pairs was made from dirty leather and not sheepskin leather but pig one. There is no response from them. We wrote email from a different account acting like a different company and they wrote us back in one hour that there is no problem to manufacture 2000pairs in 14 working days...