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North Fanghu 2nd Road Fujian province Xiamen city China
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Observation for Scammer seller
Hi, I have ordered mobile phones from this supplier. I have paid though Western Union $1300. He has sent me a little IPod mp3 instead that is only worth $15. I have e-mailed him several times, but he doesn't respond. He is a scammer and his website. He is probably doesn't even have the products he sells, he just takes the money from people. His website is: www.businessman8.com, his email is: [email protected] The information I have used to pay him through Western Union is: Address: Xiamen city, Fujian province, China China post code:361009 Receiver: (First name): KAIZHAO (Last name): ZHANG I can e-mail you the correspondence, and I can fax you the Western Union receipt transaction. Please help me stop this scammer before many others will get hurt.

View for fraud
Ceo, Manager Michael Jordan (contact name) Paid 600$ USD for four (4) 80 GB video iPods, two black, two white, received two fake iPod nanos, one black, one pink This company is a scam!

Report for Fraud
Trade Key sent me sell offers for Canon digital cameras which i was looking for, i contacted this company because this company is a Silver Key member (manager is Michael Jordan), sent money $674.00 for 4 cameras through Western Union to Kaizhao Zhang on November 22, 2006. Western Union confirmed that the money was picked up on November 26. After that there was no communication from this company , i sent several emails, called to the company, had a chance talk to Mr Jordan once on Nvember 27th, he promised to send cameras after that there was no answer, the phone is disconnected, my Cninese friend had a chance to talk to some people from this company, not Michael Jordan, and found out that the person in charge is Mr Wu. I may be wrong but i suspect that they open another fraud company on your site under lovingnice Company Trade Co., Ltd , same style, same city and province, and same amount of Trust Points and Products, similar own website stores. I am sending you Western Union receipt, invoice, emails. Please help me to get my money back. I would not have trusted the company if they have not been Silver Key members. Thanks a lot. Please do not hesitate to email and call me any time of the day and night. Thank you for your attention to this matter, Natalia Campbell PS i have a few papers so i will be sending several attachments