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111 Thompson Trail TX Bastrop USA
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I ordered some products from this company and they were promised by a certain date. The products were for a fund raiser and were guaranteed to be there by that date. They were not delivered by that date and therefore we could not use them. This was in June of 2007. I have been promised a refund many times (by Elizabeth Ferem) and have several emails from the company to prove that we are due a refund. I am still awaiting a refund. My last correspondence with this company on 9/6/07 stated that "a check was sent, you should have it in the next day or two". I have since tried to email this company several times with no response. I have called at least twice a week since that email and nobody answers. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau in that area and they could not get a response. Buyer beware. Attached link of BBB complaint http://austin.ebindr.com/complaint/view/90111227/c/zc4t4e
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