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Feedback for concern about order
Last week I paid for AUD $3500 of goods from this supplier and he has faiiled to return my emails or provide tracking number when promised he would do so last friday I have sent about 4 emails since with no reply I still have no goods and no tracking number We ordered 10 tom tom gps units 10 canon digital cameras 15 Toshiba Satalite Laptop Computers Can you please chase this individual up for us as he seems to be ignoring us before I contact the Chinese Authorieis here in Australia My goods were supposed to be hear by now My name is David Smith from Australia Phone 61 2 6756 2447 or 61 438 431 625

Comment for Report Fraud & Theft #RJI-637645
Member contacted me after seeing my buy offer. I placed order after sustained contact with member. Sent payment 2 weeks ago. Has become very difficult to contact member. Payment was accepted, no goods were shipped as promised. When contact is made with member it is to tell me that goods will be sent soon, having trouble with customs. Order was for $102 USD. Goods never sent. Will copy payment information and forward. Contact is Mr James chen. Money Gram receiver information: First name--Zhiyong Last name--Xie Address--No85 Xinghan Stree, Suzhou City, China. Will send payment copy in another complaint form. My name Steve Baum (Listed in buy order as Steve Johnson) email address, [email protected]

Critique for This company stole my money
This company stole my money i send money to this company to buy a sample vaio laptop $210 the mtcn:3050810646 this money send for zhiyong  xie at 28/6/2009 until now they didn't reply for my emails and their is now tracking number

Response for fraud ripping me off
i place an order with this company they gave me a tracking number that was bogus from fedex and told me they will give me another tracking number it is now ten days later know one answer my email or replies during msn chat [email protected] i paid via western union