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56#Hedong Road Guangxi Wuzhou China
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View for This Company is a Scam
I paid almost 500 USD for items. I made sure that I used the contact info on this site. After I paid, I never heard from them again. No email or anything. It has been 3 weeks with no shipment or no contact. Please avoid this company. If you would like, I can foward you all of the proof you need. I dealt with xinxin email: [email protected]

Reaction for Scam
This compaany is a scam operation listed on the list of scammers at firetrust.com.

Response for Took payment, never shipped
These guys are crooks, Tradekey should have known this after discussion on tradekey community. I paid for a laptop on 21/09/2009 and still nothing, apparently I can't be shipped etc. See the emails for the full details of all there bullshit. This company should be removed from tradekey immediatelly. Deducting 10 points doesn't mean shit. There is 14 PDF docs with emails and there is a transfer done for $370, but I am not further wasting my time to request it from the bank. This experience has lead me to lose all confidence in Tradekey.

Reaction for Fraud
This company is a fraud and never send any goods to me. I have sent T/T payment but they have advise me fake tracking numbers.

View for nokia n97
i ordered from this company nokia n 97 i paid by westerunin 2 weeks ago and i lost contact with chaoqian. they dont answre on my emails. i didnt get my phone yet. i dont now whats happend and also what to do?

Remark for no delivery, no answer
I have ordered 2 sample cell phones from this company. I have payed the price for it on 25th sept.2009, which money has been pisked up. After that I asked the company about shipping my phones, and they claimed that there is some chinese national days and holidays, so my delivery would be depart chine as early as 8th of october. After I urged the delivery there is no answer, and no delivery. The promise on delivery was it should take 3-5 days anywhere on the planet. So, I payed 5 days ago, and still no delivery but not a newer promise. What's up now?

Opinion for fraud company !!!
i did ordered from trem sample iphone, and after they received my money over western union ,they sent me broken watch !!!! i sent them 10-20 e-mail requesting my order but ---no answer anymore !!! FRAUD !!!

Comment for laptops....still missing
product wa shipped to wrong address, twice, and every attempt to contact company has resulted in silence...still attempting to get product, or money back