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Rm522 Fuwei Building Guangfoludong HuangQi NanHai Guangdong FoShan China
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Response for IRRELEVANT
offer nothing to do with my buying info

Comment for Spam
This compay just spam my mailbox, their products don\'t match our buy offers

Opinion for low stock
low stock and no interes for my interes as a client

Response for NO BULL!
Alisell is without question a reputable and dependable company with high quality merchandise. I have placed several orders through their sales dept. and they arrived in decent time AND they were correct!! There are lots of companies who claim to have great customer service, Alisell does.

Response for not applicable response
We were looking for a web design company. These guys are just responding to every offer trying to sell their crap.
Tryo Bags
6 reviews