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Av. Cristovao Colombo, 2586 RS Porto Alegre Brazil
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Remark for Alert, Warning, Braziec Hair is Fraud
Dear Saudi Comerce, I Had paid $1750,00USD by natural hair bulk brazilian to hair a month ago, she said to me ELENIR CEZIMBRA, ally Claudia Moraes Braziec Hair Export and Import, that sent it tome the hair after 4 days after the payment . Brief, she responds emails, its telephone numbers do not work. She is one professional swindler, this in many sites already reported like swindler .......... Alert attention to the costumers Floirnda Espinoza

Comment for Ripped Off!!!
Our Company, Sparkle Toez of California ordered 165 pairs of Havainas Flip Flops and paid for via money ($1,648.00) to Braziec Import & Export. The funds were wired August 31, 2009 and have since been told lie after lie about where the product is and when it was shipped. As of mid October, 2009 no product has arrived and now they just hang up on me when I call their office and cell numbers. I have delt with Ms. Elenir Cezimbra, Ms. Claudia Moraes and Ms. Maria Moraes. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! Call me with questions. Andy Batcheller (949) 500-2056

Rating for Non delvery
Having ordered hair extensions from this company and paid Western Union on 28th August, I was promised a 10-14 day delivery time. Seven weeks later I am still waiting for my order and after repeated emails to Elenir Cezimba with no response as to what's happened to my order, whether it's on it's way, whether I'll be issued a refund. I have ordered from this company before and was really pleased with the product and service, so are somewhat angry and disheartened no to find that I am £250 out of product with no explanation or reason as to why my order has not arrived.

Opinion for Fraudulent Company
This company is a fraud and should not be on trade key. I ordered Brazilian hair from them, made my payment and have not recieved my order since. It is now almost six months. I will advice trade key to remove them and all cheated customers to come together and lay a criminal charge against them. I am trying to find the best way possible to sue this company and have looked at many options. I want to find all customers that have been cheated so we can join forces because somthing tells me I am not the only one

Comment for FRAUD/SCAM
This company is a scam! I was dealing with the owner, Elenir - she received my funds via western Union in June -- She promised to deliver the product two days later; I am yet to receive my items. I have obviously given up at this point! Here is the latest email exchange from us. Hello Ade, This is Elenir. I just arrived from a trip. I assumed you had alredy received your order. I will check first thing in the morning what happend with your order and I will get back to you immediatly. Kindest regards, Elenir On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 11:14 AM, <[email protected]> wrote: To Whom It May Concern: I am still awaiting my goods. If I do not receive my products this week, I will start legal proceeding. Thanks -----Original Message----- From: Braziec Hair <[email protected]> To: [email protected] Sent: Mon, Jun 15, 2009 11:51 am Subject: Re: Order Update Dear Ade, Sorry for the delay on my answer. I have been away on a business trip and came yesterday back. I just arrived at the office. Ade, your order will be shipped withing a few days. There has been a delay on all the orders on production line and this is a shame, as your order should have been shipped already. Kindly give me a few days more to straighten all out and I will let you know as soon as your package is picked up. Let me know if you need any additional information. Regards, Elenir On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 6:32 PM, <[email protected]> wrote: Please give me an update on my order?