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No.122 Wanhangdu Road, Shanghai Shanghai China
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Response for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
- first contacts with Sally lin of Yizhitrade Shanghai: 12 may 2011 - first quotation received:25 may 2011 - confirmation and payment from the italian customer to Sally: 30 may 2011 WITH FREE OF CHARGE SHIPMENT AGREED - first hesitations from Sally for the guarantee costs and shipment costs even if free shipment agreed before - after long bargaining and arguing we agreed to add 2.100RMB for the shipment costs according to our estimated price of shipment for the related goods(weight and volume, we checked with our DHL cause we knew Sally was asking too much as an excuse) - first bank transfer from the italian customer on 28 june not valid because of Sally bank account problems - final Western Union payment on 08 july then pushing again and again to finally ship out the goods but no more answers....

Reaction for Company is ok..
Not sure of their website is legit! There were no response on the live chat.