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5 Setchell Rd Roodekop South Africa Germiston Gauteng 1401 South Africa
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Is ashwina investment and ashwina company same company, please? ashwina group exist also?

Review for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Dear sir, We are india absed trading firm name-SHREEJI SALES CORPORATION. we have published buy offer on tradekey.com. HANSKI COMPANY \\\\\\\'S SALES PERSON Mr. victor contacted us and after mutual consent company send invoice of $8000 to us. we have to pay 50% advance($4000) as per invoice terms. we have immediately paid the amount to company\\\\\\\'s account. but after that from the date of payment company didn\\\\\\\'t send goods or refund our advance payment. The company defrauded us. we have contacted company official several times but they always make false statement about refund process.after 3 months we have decided to make complain about company\\\\\\\'s fraud. Kindly help us to get our money back. we have attached relevent documents for your reference. thank you, naman bhatt for. SHREEJI SALES CORPORATION

Critique for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Please be aware that there is one more receipt for a payment of 2565 usd. I entered in contact with this company and they told me they would send 20mt of rice for 8000 usd. They said I had to pay for the rent for the container and I already sent 10025 usd, To this day the container still hasn\'t arrived.They never send the container out, they just keep making up excuses.I want you to put pressure on him to send me my container or return my money.

Reaction for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
at first a deal was on at 20jun14 with the performance invoice the Heyns issue to me with the CIF payment term of 30% against performance invoice 30% against BL and all relevant doc 40% against shipment arrival at my destination port The shipment confirm by the shipper will arrival at my side on 20Jul14. But now the problem is the Heyns do no provide me the complete doc which I been made the total bill of 60%. Yesterday Heyns come with a bad new saying the our trade is suspect by SARS. so the commercial invoice can not release. Heyns threaten me with if i fail to make the last stage payment within today, my shipment will lost and no longer arrival at my side. What i can be do. I insist want to make the balance payment to them against the shipment arrival. I really feel that they are in honest in providing the shipment to me. Can you please suggest what the action could i be take? There are a lot of email communication, but the file is too big cannot attached all.

Rating for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
I'm Kasun Chandima, Managing Director of Leon Lanka Holdings (PVT) LTD in Sri Lanka. I looked for a A4 80gsm paper suppliers from Tradekey. I chose " Cape Global Exports" in South Africa as my supplier, because I thought this company is reliable. They are 2nd year "gold key" member in your B2B market with 2900 trust points. I sent inquiry through tradekey to this company asking about paper products and person called "Gerhardus De Beer" CEO of this company contact me through emails and skype. We discuss about the deal for few days, and then he sent me the perfoma invoice on 20th March and I proceed the business by paying first payment 1440 $ through TT on 20th March. I paid this because I agreed to pay 30% as first payment to start manufacturing, second 30% against BL and final 40% after delivering goods. Again on 31st March he sent me the scan copy of BL, shipment tracking code and ask to pay second 30% (1440 $) to send those documents via DHL. So again I paid second payment also by right time, 31st March. Constantly i checked shipment tracking, but it wasn't updated. So I asked this matter from supplier, then he said normally it was done when ship reach to next transshipment point. I waited for week and check but no update for shipment and in other-hand supplier didn't send my BL via DHL. I checked my bank again, according to bank money transfer was successful, so I new that this supplier was a cheater. According to his BL copy ship is going to leave on 2nd April from South Africa and reach our port by 17th April. Finally on 13th April I forced him to tell the truth about this shipment, then he said he didn't ship my bulk. So he completely fraud me, by sending fake BL. According to him this delay was happen because my bank mentioned second payment was done "against BL". So he has to pay 14% VAT for their government. So again this incident proves me that he can't be a genuine person, because he is cheating his government too. If not he can't release this amount without showing the duty he performed for the buyer. he can't show his duty because he has a fake BL. I told him that I can pay that 14% VAT after receiving goods from my side because I urgently need that bulk to run my business. Now he is told me that he can refund second 30%, after that asked me to pay it again without mentioning the purpose of money transfer in TT bill. According to our government rules we can't do it. But yet he didn't refund that amount too. And yesterday he asked me to pay remaining 40% too, and he said then he can sent my bulk. So i think you can understand the fraud done by him and what kind of trader he is. If you want more details please contact me. I have lot more info. I hope to attach my TT payment bills, perfoma Invoice and his fake BL with his company and personal info I collected using different ways.If you want I can forward emails he sent me to review. please consider all these and force him to refund total amount 2880 $ to my company current account. my account name - Leon Lanka Holdings (PVT)LTD account number - 026100130031522 I paid him using one of my personal savings account because i tried to order that bulk using my personal name as buyers name. But very recently I closed that savings account, so asked him to refund that amount to my business account mentioned above. I think you can understand how much money, time and hopes I lost due to this cheater. Please force him to refund my total.
Daniel Anderson
Please share with me his Invoice. I think I am also heading towards being the victim of this guy

Comment for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
Hi, I'm not sure what "Orderd Items" should be (it is a numeric field). So I just entered "1"... This supplier had the second highest trust point rating world wide, at 4000 points. I don't understand how a scammer could have such a high rating!? If they can actually get away with scamming me like this, then I guess there is no way I can trust any of the other suppliers either! I am also wondering how it is possible that they can be a 2 year gold member, when the company was only registered as a company 4 months ago?? Is there a chance that you can get my money back for me? Please please try your best! Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks! Louis
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