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Rating for My order was not delivered after payment was made to the supplier
On Dec 6, they sent me an invoice for my $5,440 order, with payment terms clearly stated 50% off-invoice and 50% upon delivery. On the invoice, the beneficiary bank info belongs to BRF Global LLC, who Mr. Jackson said was their supplier. On Dec 8, I wire-transfered $2,720 using a local money transfer service. After some days, Mr. Jackson demanded that I transfered the remaining $2,720, claiming that their supplier wouldn\'t agree to the 50% payment term. I refused and asked to cancel the order. Since then, they\'ve made promises to refund us back but nothing happened. Then they blocked/ ignored us on all forms of communication. I have documented every emails and every text messages from them (they communicated mainly through WhatsApps). I\'m willing to provide everything if necessary.